Voile, a residential sim that is also open for the public to explore, opened a few days ago. I anticipate that this place, created by Heloise Evanier, will become a very popular destination over the next few weeks. Already, several bloggers and Flickr photographers have visited and shared with us their impressions. The space is inviting, carefully put together, using the finest of Second Life builds for house rentals. I was thinking, wandering around, if I didn’t already have a home, I would have loved to live here. The different kinds of styles of homes compliment one another so beautifully. The landscape surrounding them, with rolling hills, water, connecting bridges and different kinds of mature trees, is simply seamless. There is truly a sense of time having stood still here. What caught my eye in particular, were the sugar roses by {anc}. These kinds of roses are quite difficult to integrate into a realistic and serene landscape like this one, usually we see them in more fantasy-like environments, like for instance The Outer Garden. Miss Evanier, however, has done a fabulous job pairing these delicate clusters of flowers with different kinds of carefully selected wild grass and paving stone. It looked like they were meant to be here and nowhere else. Head over and check this place out, I can guarantee you, you will not be disappointed.

Photograph by Kate Bergdorf

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