The Bridge


We headed over earlier today to take a look at the new LEA 25 exhibit called The Bridge, a project spearheaded by Misprint Thursday and a collaboration between Misprint and Alpha Auer, Bibbe Oh, Maya Paris, Mikati Slate and Simotron Aquila. This is a mixed reality project which consists of two parts, both on the Brooklyn Bridge; the first phase is the virtual art installation on the virtual bridge and the second one is a combining of the virtual view and real life views of the real life bridge. There is an app that can be used to access, please check the notecard at the landing for details on how to go about doing this. Once one has entered the Second Life installation and finds the way to the beginning of the virtual Brooklyn bridge, one stands in front of the first part of the installation, two clusters of sculptures by Alpha Auer. Then, as one wanders along the bridge, interactive large shapes by Maya Paris (OohKittyCatYeah; clickable), a kind of collage by Bibbe Oh (Barcelona Boxes), a large colorful carousel of sorts by Mikati Slate (Pop-Atomic NYC) and at the end, an interactive and well-constructed installation by Simotron Aquila (Going Somewhere, Going Nowhere). It appears the Fluxus movement is an inspiration for the installation; on the bridge you will find a small rotating clickable box with a notecard about the Fluxus Perfomers who are featured on the group of boxes next to it. Fluxus was an international network of artists, composers and designers noted for blending different artistic media and disciplines in the 1960s. This installation will be open until the end of the year. Head over and take a look.

Photograph by Tutsy Navarathna

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