Deadman’s Island


There is this place called Deadman’s Island, put together by Alex Luciano, that I visited today. The sim is Halloween-themed, but done in such a way as to not be too obvious about it. It could also just pass for a very dark place. There is a cemetery, of course, a church and a few decrepit fallen down houses, mist hovering over the ground and some ghosts floating around. But what I really love about this place besides the darkness, are the trees. These trees, created by HOOLEECHIT of Pandemonium, are haunting in their own unique way and come together in clusters surrounding a small swamp area and  also frame the entirety of the island beautifully. The outskirts of the island are surrounded by Swamp Tree Foliage that float on the water, also created by the talented Miss HOOLEECHIT, and seem to somehow hold the space in place. Go take a look!

Deadman's Island

Photographs by Kate Bergdorf

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