Three Openings This Weekend


Last weekend was a busy two days for Second Life art lovers as there were several openings and closing parties at galleries and installation spaces all over the grid, including one at my own gallery Berg by Nordan Art. This weekend is no different with at least three intriguing gallery openings that caught my eye. The first one, at the elegant Nitroglobus Gallery, is the exhibit What If by renowned Second Life photographers Senna Coronet and MM (Mysterr) as well as sculptures by Nitro Fireguard, on Saturday, October 17 at 12 PM SLT.  The second opening is the exhibit Second Life Interpretations by Susy Halcali at the TAF Art Gallery, also on Saturday, October 17 (no set time was specified in the announcement) through November 14. The last opening, on Sunday, October 18 at 12 PM SLT, at the lovely Broad Street Gallery on Crestwick Island, is the exhibit … of dreams and nightmares, showing work by kiki, MM (Mysterr), Mich Michabo, Senna Coronet, Maloe Vansante, Burk Bode, Isa Messioptra, William Weaver, Cipherscape, Harbor Galaxy and Robin. Enjoy!


Poster by MM (Mysterr)
Photograph of Broad Street Gallery by Kate Bergdorf

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