Cica-Joseph-KWe visited the new installation Prison by Cica Ghost today. This work opened yesterday and will be open for the next month or so. One enters a barren sim consisting of prison bars that make up various-sized chambers. These rooms have gates that can be used to enter from one cell to another. It took a while to figure out how to open these doors; clicking does not work, it will simply not open! Not being able to leave the cell, leaves one feeling quite trapped and enclosed, much like a prisoner presumably. There is a sense of no escape. This is one of Cica’s darker and more poetic works, no doubt. The confined feeling in the cells, the sparsity of objects and the muted gray and brownish colors, all contribute to a feeling of being trapped and having no way out. Head over and take a look.

Photograph of Cica Ghost and Josef K by Tutsy Navarathna

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