Giovanna Cerise and Sina Souza at Berg by Nordan Art

Berg LogoI am pleased to announce here a Berg by Nordan Art Sina Souza and Giovanna Cerise opening this Sunday, October 11, 2015 at 11 AM SLT. For the months of October, November and December 2015 we are proud to show new photographic work by Sina in the Berg by Nordan Art gallery and a new installation, Memories, inspired by the Italian poet Eugenio Montale, by Giovanna on the Berg by Nordan Art full-sim installation space on the ground. Our long-time Nordan Art house DJ, d-oo-b, aka Eif, will spin some tunes at the opening. Please be on the lookout inworld for group announcements with further details and landmark attached. Hope to see you then!

Berg by Nordan Art logo by Helene Lytton


4 thoughts on “Giovanna Cerise and Sina Souza at Berg by Nordan Art

  1. […] Two names for two exhibitions at Berg by Nordan art, curated by Kate Bergdorf. Two of my favourite artists on display. Memories from Giovanna Cerise (an installation) and Passively from Sina Souza (images). In this post a picture of one of the exhibits. The black and white dress  at Giovanna’s installation is both beautifully done as well as symbolic to me how memories cannot exist without person to remember them or awake them. One could say the dress is ‘nude’, because it misses an avatar. It rotates and levitates as if it searches for the person that should be in the dress. But all it sees is more lost memories in a surrounding full off loss and melancholy. Giovanna is known for her excellent mathematic installations that not only are big but also impressive, plus always come with a well chosen theme expressing a mood of story. The exhibit of Sina Souza (an artist with very intense works) is more intimate and consists of 3 fantastic works in a small gallery. Just go and see them, because making a picture of it here will not do it right. Both exhibits have to be seen as big as they are. The announcement of the opening last weekend and some more information can be read here. […]

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