Saint Pete City

Sainte Pete City

After much waiting and high expectations, Saint Pete City finally opened yesterday. And let me just tell you, Neva Crystall did it again! This location is like a step back in time; a beautiful little town center with a fountain, water front homes, a book store, stately homes, and a hotel amongst other things, adorn this gorgeous place. Neva has successfully integrated here the best items by many of our favorite content creators. There is a way in which she puts a space like this together, the positioning of a dog or the location of an object on a table, that is just different and beautiful in a very meaningful way and I think speaks to all of us. I really don’t know how she does it, her sims are incredibly inspirational. We visited earlier this morning, we were stuck at the fountain since we couldn’t move because of the lag. This is of course a very popular place already; it was really nice to just hang out a little and say hello to some Flickr photographers one really rarely encounters in Second Life otherwise. I returned later today and it was much better in terms of the lag and I could move freely. Thank you Neva, for providing us with such sweet and beautiful places!

Photograph by Kate Bergdorf

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