Le Mont Saint Michel

Le Mont Saint Michel

Yet another popular sim, Mont Saint Michel, is closing by the end of this month. The Second Life Mont Saint Michel, a replica of the island commune with the same name in Normandy France, has attracted crowds of visitors over the past years. Truly a gem as far as Second Life destinations go, the closing of this place has already been heavily blogged about. I visited several times in the past, walking up and down the little roads, camming in and out to take in the full view of the grand abbey. While this construction is certainly an impressive build as far as craftsmanship and details go, it also reminds me a little bit of old times in Second Life when high quality textures weren’t readily available and most trees felt “too green.” Wandering around for a last time today, I felt a bit nostalgic. Head over before the month is over to take a look for your self.

Photograph by Kate Bergdorf

4 thoughts on “Le Mont Saint Michel

  1. This new saddens me greatly. Since I’m on SL, every week I go for a walk to Mont Saint-Michel. I met several people who became my friends in this beautiful sim that looks so much like the Norman Abbey. I go back today.

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