Gents Beauty Salon

1Back in January I met with Tutsy Navarathna at his installation Gents Beauty Salon at the Galerie des Machines by Olympe Rhodes to take a photo for the blog post announcing the The Tutsy Interview in my other blog The Virtual Review.  We returned today to take a few more pictures as the installation will be removed next week. This is not your typical Second Life installation but a clever and artistic depiction of Indian culture, consisting of a mix of collages by Tutsy, rugged steel containers and various little cool builds, including a small temple and several cows. Above, the Krishna and Rada. There is a space devoted to the Mahabarathna, the epic novel of the story of the Gods, which contains several collages with a little bit of a comic twist. One of my favorites, Laksmi, the wife of Vishnu, depicted by the established Indian painter Ravi Varma, can be seen in the background in the last photograph. This installation has been up for close to a year, since November 2014. Thank you to Olympes Rhode of  Galerie des Machines for making it possible.



Photographs by Kate Bergdorf

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