Ironwood Hills

Ironwood HillsThere is a gorgeous sim that opened fairly recently, a post-apocalytic town loosely based on Silent Hill, named Ironwood Hills. Just in time for fall, with murky reddish and dark hues and all kinds of spooky places, this destination really hits the mark. There is decaying graveyard, a decrepit town-center and an aged and seemingly long forgotten amusement park. These places are beautifully tied together with water, mountains, bridges, all kinds of vegetation and other little dark scenes to explore. Here one will also encounter the occasional zombie who will appear and then just as quickly disappear. I like the atmosphere here and especially love the amount of cool stuff that has been carefully distributed all over the sim and how well it works together. Obviously, much thought has been put into this. There is also an Ironwood Hills photo contest going on and the deadline for submissions on September 15 is quickly approaching. Head over to the landing area and check out the Flickr group for more information.

Photograph by Kate Bergdorf

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