ImpressionsI found my way to LEA 6 Impressions by Inara Pey, a visit long overdue. Most of us know Inara because of her blog, Living in a Modern World, which she started in 2007, making it one of the longest active blogs in Second Life. Keeping a blog involves visiting various destinations and taking photographs and some of the pictures and videos from Inara’s travels for her Second Life blog have become one part of the LEA 6 project. They are displayed throughout the house she designed and built for this sim and which is the second part of the project. I had no idea Inara was a builder! A landscape, consisting of trees, bushes, flowers, water and rock, surrounds her interpretation of a Twentieth Century American house, presumably the Fallingwater Edgar Kaufman house by the architect Frank Lloyd Wright. Inara’s house is beautifully constructed with great attention to detail and looks very much like the original (see below). A third part of the LEA 6 sim features sculptures and art by CioTToLiNa Xue. Clearly, even though photographs, videos, and sculptures are a part of this, it is the house that Inara designed and constructed that provides the anchor. Part of a sentence in one of Inara’s notecards struck a chord with me; she speaks of the house she built here as an interpretation of an iconic 20th American house which has made a significant impression on me over the years, but which I have as yet been unable to visit in the physical world. The LEA 6 Impressions is a good example I think of how we are able to realize in the  virtual world our real world dreams.


Photograph on top by Kate Bergdorf
Photograph on bottom from Frank Lloyd Wright archives

4 thoughts on “Impressions

  1. Thank you, Kate, both for your kind words and for visiting Impressions. The Kaufmann’s house has been a labour of love for as long as I’ve been blogging, and I’m both pleased and humbled by the number of visitors it has attracted, and the feedback I’ve had – including yours 🙂 .

    So glad you enjoyed your visit!

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