Last Looks


Three popular destinations are closing over the next few weeks. I made a last visit to each of them, a little heavy hearted, the way one usually feels when saying goodbye to a special place. My first stop was Tillicum Island, by Tinker Drew, a landscape incorporating lush fields, rolling hills and ocean areas, that will close by the end of August. This is a lovely place to stroll, just hang out and spend time taking photos. The second place I visited, Santaurio, by Jac and Romy Mornington, closes in September and will eventually be replaced by an entirely new landscape. I remember when this place opened, with it’s lush tropical areas and relaxing places to sit and contemplate; it was however the crashed air plane especially I think that was the most intriguing for visitors to explore.


Finally, my last stop tonight is The Forgotten City. The oldest of these three places, put together by Mandy Marseille, it is an architectural marvel consisting of many exciting corners to explore, including the intriguing Mechanical Toy Factory. It also will close sometime in September. Thank you to all of the owners of these places for creating such beautiful places for us to visit. They will be missed.

Forgotten City

Photographs by Kate Bergdorf

7 thoughts on “Last Looks

    1. Yeah, it is expensive keeping a sim going in SL and it is a shame that great places have to close down because of it. I don’t know if that was the reason for these particular places, but I agree high cost sims don’t make much sense, they never did.

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