I think it is fair to say that Cica Ghost’s new installation Strings is poetic. Or, one could also safely propose that this is the stuff of which fairy tales are made. In her sim-sized exhibit she integrates an ancient villa, various instruments, people, trees and a landscape in a way which we have not seen it done by Cica before. While the muted colors, the grass and flowers, and the ground texture are certainly recognizable as hers, there is also something completely different going on here.


I think it is the people, or the figures rather, that bring a kind of lightness and a different dimension to this work. I experienced it as more alive than her other installations. Inside the house, an incredible fantasy dollhouse-like setting, are little domestic scenes, further contributing to a general sense of immersion. The cooky little figures are seen everywhere; outside, inside, and leaning outside of windows and thus providing a connection between the interior and the exterior. As each figure is involved in some sort of activity, even though most of them are static, they come across as engaged.


In so many ways this installation reminds me of earlier work by Romy Nayar. There is a depth to the overall experience that is not so easily achieved. Most of all there is a sense that there is a story here, or perhaps many stories, just waiting to be discovered and told. Bravo, Cica, I think this is possibly the best of your installations so far.


Photographs by Kate Bergdorf

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