1The Mumintrollen TV shows and books, written by Tove Jansson and illustrated by her and her brother Lars Jansson, were part of my childhood growing up in Sweden. So when  I read about the Second Life Mumintrollen place in Apmel’s blog, I simply had to make visit and blog about it too.  These little fantasy figures (Mumintrollet, Muminmamman and Muminpappan) live in Mumindalen and get into all kinds of trouble with each other and their peculiar friends. The Mumintrollen  place in Second Life is located on a parcel on Django, a Japanese Resort Sim, and I think has been put together by Rei Tokyoska. The place has no name, but it doesn’t really matter. The textures used for the objects here are unfortunately not that great, but nonetheless, Mr. Tokyoska has succeeded in putting together a magical little world where any friend of the Mumintrollen would feel welcome and at home. Great job!

2Photographs by Kate Bergdorf

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