Reduced Territory


The new installation by Haveit Neox, Reduced Territory, will be on display at the Serena Imagine Arts Center through the month of August.  This is work is immediately recognizable as having been created by Haveit; expanded space, rotating surfaces, clusters of animal objects, ladders and textured scaffolding. And as we so often encounter in the work by this talented artist, there is also a theme here, or a story, this time addressing the urgent matter of displaced wildlife. A billboard, a small mountain and other objects are positioned in such a way as to give the impression of impingement on a running pack of wolves. Haveit notes on a board at the landing point:  Squeeze the forests down, and seize the oceans! We are masters of the earth: the great builders, shapers of the planet. Wildlife runs, swims, flies, and crawls into leftover spaces. They cannot escape our growing appetite. As the last wolf packs run up the sole remaining wild rock, we congratulate ourselves for our nations. The exhibit is located on a square platform on a parcel with the name of Wolves Land; at first glance perhaps a good fit, but at some point also quite distracting. I found myself bothered by surrounding trees, a boat, a bridge, etc., feeling these objects intruded with the experience of the art itself. I ended up derendering  all surrounding objects not created by Haveit in both my photographs.  Head over and take a look at this fine work before it closes in  a few weeks!

1Photographs by Kate Bergdorf

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