Lovegasm at dathúil

1The talented Mr. and Mrs. S currently have an exhibit, Lovegasm, on display at the dathúil Gallery of Art. The opening was yesterday and the photographs will be up for the month of August.  There are at least two reasons why this show will appeal to Second Life art and photography lovers. First, the images themselves are playful and sensual and, no doubt in my mind, virtual world erotic photography at its best. Second, the exhibit display is unusual in that the photographs have been mounted  in the ceiling, slowly rotating. I bumped into Mr. and Mrs. S as I was visiting the gallery and Mr. S explained that the integration of the photographs in the ceiling had to do with respect of gallery space. He further noted that  the images rotate and also shift position every 2 and a half minutes; the images are also reflected in the floor below.  Head over and take a look at this intriguing and elegant show, it should not be missed.


Photographs by Kate Bergdorf

2 thoughts on “Lovegasm at dathúil

  1. Unfortunately I could not see this exhibition, because for stupid reasons of wearing an inappropriate jean I am banned from this region long ago. 😦
    Thank God I survived 🙂

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