The Egg

The EggThe new exhibit The Egg at LEA 19 by Livio Korobase is very cool and destined to become a popular place to visit. I haven’t really completely taken the whole thing in yet, just headed over briefly to take a few photographs earlier today. I had great fun while there and by the looks of it so did other people. There are a lot of objects to be clicked here! A huge cat, paper airplanes, toys, all kinds of vehicles and big animals (a hippo amongst them). The entire sim is covered in water and some areas are deeper than others.  Objects are  placed all over and seem not at first to really belong together. After twenty minutes, however, magically somehow, it made a little more sense to me. People moving and jumping, the flowing element of water, and the scattered objects all came together; to me, this is simply a happy place where one can come and immerse oneself in play. And yes, as I later discovered, there is also a big egg! Photograph by Kate Bergdorf

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