Home and Garden

314After much back and forth,  I finally settled on the Normandy for my new home, which I think ended up being a great choice. It is a rather small, but still spacious seeming house with lots of windows that lend a beautiful inside/outside kind of feel to it. I also ended up creating an outside space, which was quite time-consuming but very much worth it in the end. I especially love on the outside the gorgeous new Apple Fall Garden Walls and the majestic Oak Tree by Alex Bader. I had so much fun doing this and then went a little nuts taking photographs when I was done. I am posting them here.


Photographs by Kate Bergdorf

Petite Robe Rouge

Petite Robe RougeSTYLE CARD

★ Dress: Baroque (Rouge) by [[LD]] Major
★ Hair: Ruff It Up (Dark Browns) by Shi for Uber
★ Skin: Emma (*peche*) by Essences
★ Mesh Body: Lara by Maitreya
★ Eyeliner: Cat Eyes by DAMNED
★ Freckles: Chocolate Splits by DeeTaleZ
★ Eyes: Look Eyes (Emerald) by Amacci
★ Pose: Look Back by Del May

Photograph by Kate Bergdorf

Igor Ballyhoo at Berg by Nordan Art

igor As most of you who read this blog already know, Leka on Nordan om Jorden will be removed this Fall and replaced by an installation space  that will be the second part of my gallery Berg by Nordan Art. For the period October to December 2015, Giovanna Cerise will show her work and for January to March 2016 Haveit Neox will exhibit his installation there.  I am also pleased to announce here that Igor Ballyhoo has agreed to show an installation from April to June 2016. For the same time periods in the gallery above ground, are exhibits by Sina Souza, Achibald Sideshow and Imani Nayar. Please be on the lookout for announcements.

Photograph by Kate Bergdorf

Shadow Play Revisited


We returned today to Shadow Play: Tales of Urbanization of China and found it had been transformed since we were last there . The theme has remained the same, but the exhibit itself has changed. There are four large cylinders here now, but so far only one of them contains an installation. Hopefully the other three will be completed soon as well. This is a special place. Not only is there a powerful message incorporating the political and violent aspects of the recent urbanization of China, but the art itself on display here is astonishing. Rarely have I seen in Second Life such a small space and such simple means with such a beautiful artistic outcome. This place is worth a visit, head over and take a look.

1Photographs by Kate Bergdorf


35I am in the midst of changing my home in Second Life again. I do this occasionally and enjoy looking for the right house.  Most of the time I end up with a build by Van Auster of POST. I’ve been trying to look for something else, but there is really no point. In this age of mesh and outstanding design, Van Auster’s builds still hold my attention (even though I am also partial to Scarlet Creative, I should mention here).  What is it about these builds that keep me getting back to them?  A few things. Thorough research of historical building design meticulously applied to inworld builds. Outstanding original textures. Thoughtful and tasteful selection of  buildings, furniture and accessories. Incredible attention to detail. I could go on and on. I know some people are complaining about the size of the POST builds not being proportionate to avatar size. There is also dissatisfaction that the builds are not made of mesh and still fairly prim heavy. Honestly, I don’t care about any of that, my next home will  be by Van Auster again; I’m deciding whether to get the Skyline Drive or the Normandy, both of which I have used as homes in the past. All I can say is bravo Mr. Auster, please continue doing what you are doing. Your products have stood the test of time and are treasured Second Life classics.

Photograph by Kate Bergdorf

The Egg

The EggThe new exhibit The Egg at LEA 19 by Livio Korobase is very cool and destined to become a popular place to visit. I haven’t really completely taken the whole thing in yet, just headed over briefly to take a few photographs earlier today. I had great fun while there and by the looks of it so did other people. There are a lot of objects to be clicked here! A huge cat, paper airplanes, toys, all kinds of vehicles and big animals (a hippo amongst them). The entire sim is covered in water and some areas are deeper than others.  Objects are  placed all over and seem not at first to really belong together. After twenty minutes, however, magically somehow, it made a little more sense to me. People moving and jumping, the flowing element of water, and the scattered objects all came together; to me, this is simply a happy place where one can come and immerse oneself in play. And yes, as I later discovered, there is also a big egg! Photograph by Kate Bergdorf

série noire


There are lots of art gallery and art installation openings in Second Life going on right now, which means I have become a very busy blogger. The exhibit I am writing about today is Tutsy Navarathna‘s série noire at the Nitroglobus Gallery, which opens with a série noire-inspired party on Sunday, July 19, 2015 at 12 PM SLT. To most of us, Tutsy is known as an award-winning Second Life machinima maker; more recently he is also increasingly active within the realm of photography. His new exhibit, série noire, has been skillfully curated by Dido Haas and is shown in the gorgeous Nitroglobus Gallery, built by Nitro Fireguard. There is little doubt in my mind that this is one of the most beautiful large-scale galleries in Second Life at this time; several large rooms, some with a glass-like floor that truly has me stunned, come together to form a beautiful and cohesive exhibit space. The exhibit contains images by Tutsy and sculptures by his friend Nitro. Inspired by the série noire, a French publishing imprint founded in 1945 by Marcel Duhamel, the works here are all in one way or another related to the themes of love, hate, passion, detectives and crime. Head over and take a look and join the party on Sunday, which promises to be great fun!

Party flyer

Photograph on top of Tutsy Navarathna’s photograph You Never Know With Women! by Kate Bergdorf
Poster on bottom by Tutsy Navarathna

Not Dark Yet

2We visited on July 12 the opening of the exhibit Not Dark Yet at the Broad Street Gallery on Crestwick Island. I wanted to take photos then and blog about it, but it was too crowded so I returned today. For those of you who know me, you know I tend to favor small intimate galleries and this is certainly one of them. The internal layout of the gallery is simple, yet elegant and well thought through; there is one large lobby coach with a dark red blanket casually thrown upon it on a carpet in the center of the large room. The current exhibit is inspired by the music by Bob Dylan. Each of the eleven artists had been asked to pick their own Dylan song and create a photograph inspired by their particular choice of music. The artists are .kiki, Cipherscape, Senna Coronet, Doc, Dantelicia Ethaniel, Harbor Galaxy, edie Horngold, Isa Messioptra, Amona Savira, Hillany Scofield, and Maloe Vansant. Each artist contributed only one photograph and each photograph is outstanding. Beneath each image is written the particular lyric that inspired the photographer to create it. Beautifully done! More than anything else, and this exhibit proves it, this gallery is truly about quality and not quantity.

Photograph by Kate Bergdorf

Tristan und Isolde

2Giovanna Cerise’s new exhibit Tristan und Isolde at Italian Verse opens tomorrow, July 15, 2015 at 1:30 PM. This breathtaking show is of course inspired by the opera with the same name in three acts by composer Richard Wagner. Giovanna quotes in a notecard available at the landing a short passage from a letter from Wagner to Franz List from 1854 where Wagner states that [a]s I have never in life felt the real bliss of love, I must erect a monument to the most beautiful of all my dreams, in which, from beginning to end, that love shall be thoroughly satiated. And this is certainly the sentiment that is represented by this work, a majestic build in dreamy blue and white hues. Some of the blue areas are transparent, lending the viewer an impression of large precious stones. There is music by Wagner available here as well, simply turn off the stream and turn on sound and click on a ball. Bravo, Giovanna such impressive work, again. Finally, I am also excited to announce here that Giovanna Cerise has agreed to show a new installation at Berg by Nordan Art October through December 2015, which marks the opening the of the ground-level area of the gallery. Please be on the lookout for announcements.

1Photographs by Kate Bergdorf

Baby’s Ear

1There is a new temporarily accessible sim, Baby’s Ear, open to the public starting July 10 and closing July 24, 2105. This beautiful place has been created by the multi-talented Neva Crystall, sim designer (Neva River and Isle of Serendipity), shopping event organizer (Shiny Shabby), club owner (Black Milk) and photographer (Neva Crystall Flickr). The sim brought to mind Roche, I don’t know why, perhaps because it recently closed and I miss it. There is a quiet beauty to be experienced on Baby’s Ear; a few houses, trees, sand, water and a towering lighthouse dominate the space. The sim will eventually ultimately serve as home for Neva and her partner, so head over before it closes to the public in two weeks and take a look.

Photograph by Kate Bergdorf