Distrito Distinto

Distrito DistintoThere is a wonderful new multi-artist Anniversary Celebration exhibit at MetaLES that opened this weekend and will remain open until August 13. The title of the exhibit, Distrito Distinto, or Different District, refers to the concept of a traveling art festival inspired by music. And here, a great number of Second Life artists have each created an individualized space that is inspired by a song of their choice.

Distrito Distinto Bryn Oh

The artists represented are Alpha Auer, Giovanna Cerise, JadeYu Fhang, Cica Ghost, Romy Nayar, Bryn Oh, Maya Paris, Betty Tureaud, and Eupalinos Ugajin. I think maybe Rebeca Bashly and Selavy Oh were supposed to show their work too, but I could not find their installations when I was there. This whole concept is truly fun and most of the installations are interactive. Remember to activate the sound in each space as the sim-stream is not activated (each work has its own song). Above is the work by Bryn Oh, inspired by Keep the Streets Empty For Me by Fever Ray and, below, the space by Cica Ghost, inspired by Lullaby by The Cure. Head over and take a look!

Update: Rebeca Bashly’s space is available, it is number 6 on the HUD.

Cica Ghost

Photographs by Kate Bergdorf

2 thoughts on “Distrito Distinto

  1. Rebeca’s installation is there – No 6 on the HUD. Selavy Oh does appear to be missing, tho (at least from the TP HUD … ).

    1. Thanks for clarifying, Inara. When I was there the HUD was not yet working properly and we were provided a folder with landmarks to the sites, may be why I missed them. Will head over and check out Rebeca’s for sure! 🙂

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