Chateau Village

2Last post for today and about yet another sim closing, I am afraid. A friend took me to Chateau Village yesterday and I was completely and utterly blown away, speechless really. This is the most exotic sim that has graced the grid of Second Life to date, there is no doubt in my mind. A beautiful selection of tropical trees and grass, all swaying softly in the wind. A group of large pools, some adorned by tiles, containing waterlilies and other vegetation. Beaches with colorful tents. A market with fruit and a little glass house containing bird cages with exotic birds. The sound of a market. Birds, peacocks, tigers and elephants. And lets not forget the remarkably blue houses, with interiors inspired by all things Indian. I could go on and on. Unfortunately, this place is closing today. We were so overcome by this place that we in fact took it upon ourselves to contact the owner asking if he could keep it open a little longer. It may be too late to teleport in at this point, but give it a try. 1 Photographs by Kate Bergdorf

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