Changes on Nordan om Jorden


This Fall my place Leka on Nordan om Jorden will make place for a new Berg by Nordan Art installation space. I have loved everything about Leka; the process of putting it together, the updating and changing of things, the visitors (some of you have become good friends) and all the beautiful photographs taken and posted on the Nordan om Jorden Flickr group. It will not be easy to take it down and I will miss it a great deal. Once Leka has been removed, Nordan om Jorden will consist of two parts of the Berg by Nordan Art gallery only. The small gallery build remains as is above ground and we will continue showing photographs there. The ground will be used for large art installations starting October 2015. I will post updates here about all of this. For now, come on over and enjoy the next few months of Leka before it closes for good.

Photograph by Kate Bergdorf

8 thoughts on “Changes on Nordan om Jorden

    1. Hi Apmel, nice to hear from you! It is not a church and, yes, it will go with the rest of Leka in a few months. Come over and say hello if you are in the neighborhood. 🙂

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