What Is the Meaning of Second Life to Me?

The Second Life 12th birthday celebration is coming up on June 21, 2015 and one of the incentives by Linden Lab, specifically by Xiola Linden, is to ask residents to create a brief machinima and share why it is that Second Life is meaningful to them. I first saw this project mentioned in Strawberry Singh’s blog and thought I’d post it here too.

I think this is such a wonderful way of celebrating the upcoming Second Life birthday and may take a stab at it myself if time allows. It is it a super creative way of involving residents, the true creators of our Second Life, to share their individual stories. Hopefully these little video snippets will reach and touch people outside of Second Life as well. In the machinimas produced so far issues like the dreamlike quality of Second Life, the social aspect and, of course, creativity have been highlighted. I suspect these are the major components that will continue to be addressed in most of the machinima, but, and so typical of Second Life, each resident of course will add their own individual flavor to their story. Because, and as we already know, it is the individuality and creativity of each Second Life resident that makes our Second Life world what it is today. Take a look at the machinima by Xiola Linden (created by Torley Linden),  Strawberry Singh (created by Draxtor Despres) and Draxtor Despres and enjoy.

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