1Alpha Auer reopened her sim alpha.tribe last week. I headed over tonight and spent quite a bit of time teleporting around. I was not able to see all parts of this large installation, but I will return. This is a magical place. The use of gold and black dominates, but is done in a way that I have not seen before in Second Life. The gold texture used here is sublime, providing a sense of richness and elegance whenever used. Unusual builds, elephants, delicate gold leaf vegetation, elephants, rotating boxes, large pillars and other kinds of fantasy constructions are only a few of the objects coming together here to create an exotic whole. When flying around, occasionally stopping in mid-air and looking around from above, more than anything else it seemed to me that the work on the ground below was made up of different sizes of intricate jewelry boxes.

2In the folder with notecards available at the landing, Alpha Auer suggests using windlight [NB]-MistyDay-4pm, which, after having tried several other ones, really is the most one most suitable for this place. One can rezz on this sim and the autoreturn is set to 60 minutes. Part of alpha.tribe is of course also the store where one can purchase unisex fantasy avatars and new releases are available (also available at marketplace: alpha.tribe store). It is easiest to walk or fly around on the ground level here. Teleporters are available and easier to use for places under water and in the sky.


Finally, the sim makes use of the work by Arcadia Asylum, a great builder known to most of us who have been in Second Life for a few years. Alpha Auer notes that alpha.tribe pays homage to one of the greatest builders of Second Life, the urban legend who was once known as Arcadia Asylum, and then came back to delight us as Aley. Many of the prims that you will see on the sim are Aley’s creations which I have modified, and re-textured to create “fool’s gold.” Aley’s ingenuity as a builder has allowed me to create a sim that (although it is only a homestead with limited prims) will hopefully appear as densely built as a full sim and hopefully tell a secret tale that needs lots of prim-detail in order to be properly heard. Thank you Aley for your generosity in giving us a huge collection of full perm, wildly imaginative, well-built, highly detailed but low-prim objects for us to play with and to extend into our own creative work. Bravo, Alpha Auer, this is  truly a masterpiece. Head over and take a look at this monumental work for yourselves.


Photographs by Kate Bergdorf

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