The Flickr Group

The Flickr GroupWhat follows are some more ramblings about Flickr. As the reader of this blog already knows, I reactivated an old Flickr account last year and have been quite taken with the entire Flickr experience ever since. My enthusiasm, when taking the photographs in Second Life, manipulating them with some software and then posting them on Flickr, has remained a constant from the beginning. Communication, art and creativity are things that occupy my mind as I go through the process of handling my photographs.  More recently I started a Flickr group, A Lasting Impression, and was then eventually joined by my co-administrator.  It pretty soon became apparent to us that the group is in several ways equivalent to an in-world art gallery. Mostly it is the selecting (similar to curating in-world) and the viewing (similar to gallery display in-world) of the photographs that makes it feel that way. One roadblock that we have repeatedly come up against is selection criteria. We have strict guidelines for photographs accepted into this group and not all photographs fit our mold. When a photograph does not meet our criteria, but is nonetheless great, our selection criteria necessarily become more subjective. The other thing that has proven quite difficult is the rejecting of photographs submitted for admission to the group. These are usually photographs that are decent, but for whatever reason do not fit into the group. Neither of us wants to be the bad-guy and reject a photograph, however, if we want to uphold the high standard of quality of this group we have no choice. Nonetheless, rejecting a photograph is very hard. Overriding the selection of photographs for the group is the question of what is really art. Is a Flickr photograph art and, if yes, what defines Flickr art? Is it the purpose of our group to be an art photography group?

Photograph by Kate Bergdorf

7 thoughts on “The Flickr Group

  1. I agree with the words you chose : “Communication and creativity” . I have enjoyed a lot flickr the last months jumping from a gallery to other one, I feel amazed of what people do. It is being like a new world for me within second life. New things, new creative and friendly people …. Your group is like a great box where I found nice surprises, it is like you’re weaving a beautiful network 🙂

      1. Oh, sorry, I misunderstood your first comment. Coming up with guidelines for that group is really difficult and it remains a very subjective decision process (our other Flickr group, The Avatar Portrait, is more straightforward since we only accept portraits). We struggle with this and, in fact, are working on a book about Flickr where we address precisely some of these decision making issues. So be on the lookout for that publication, should happen some time before the end of the year! 🙂

      2. Hehe, its ok. I am sure you have a helluva tough time thinking about guidelines for a group as diverse as Last Impressions. That diversity is what makes its so amazing. I can just take a peek at it every other day and i am enriched with inspirations. So its only natural to have a hard time making guidelines for the same. Best of luck 😀
        I will be on the lookout, definitely 🙂

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