1Obedience opened on LEA 1 this past week and we headed over and took a look, but did not have enough time to see the entire exhibit. Then I watched the captivating machinima on Obedience by Iono Allen a few days ago, inspired I decided to return today. Obedience, by Jo Ellsmere and Bryn Oh, is a Second Life installation that is simultaneously also on display at The Jewish Museum in Berlin, there created by Peter Greenaway and Saskia Boddeke, aka Rose Borchovski in Second Life.


This installation is based on a biblical story about Abraham and his son Isaac, in which God instructs Abraham to sacrifice Isaac but then ultimately at the end withdraws his command. There is a modern twist to the story as presented here and contemporary objects created by Bryn Oh serve as symbols throughout. Towards the end of this work are the astonishing twenty-four elders, also part of the biblical story, created by Jo Ellsmere. There is a constant shifting of movement amongst these avatars as they read, move around in their seats or take turns to get up and walk. To me, this was without doubt the highlight of the exhibit as I found myself in an almost trance like state observing these figures. This monumental work will be open until mid-September. Head over and take a look.

3Photographs by Kate Bergdorf

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