Additional Thoughts on Flickr

Snapshot_004I’ve been thinking some more about the meaning of Flickr for those of us who are in Second Life. What follows are additional thoughts on virtual world communication (see also The Importance of Flickr) and then some comments on creativity and Flickr non-user-friendliness.

Meaningful experiences in Second Life are captured in photographs and then posted on Flickr. The responses to our photographs from other Flickr members are important to us and an extension of our Second Life communication process. When posting our photographs we want to share our Second Life experiences with others and we want their feedback.  We also want to see what others are experiencing by looking at their images and provide them with our feedback. This photograph-feedback-loop process is an attempt to make sense of our virtual experiences.

One of the main reasons I am in Second Life is because of creativity. I thrive on being creative and also on experiencing and promoting the creativity of others. I find this is indeed true when it comes to Flickr as well. I enjoy tremendously spending time taking a photo in Second Life, thinking about what I want to do with it, processing it using an image-editing software and then posting it on Flickr. The entire time I spend doing this I am being creative. It involves generating new ideas, problem solving and communication of values. I also derive much pleasure from looking at photographs by others on Flickr. When I come across a photo I like, I am usually significantly moved by it in some way or another.

Lastly, however, let me also just say this: as much as I enjoy it, Flickr is not particularly user friendly. I am struggling at times, just as I did initially in Second Life, to figure things out. For instance, how does one include photographs in a private group without other Flickr members seeing them? In the photograph comment section, how does one include in a thank you response the icon of person who commented on the photograph? How does one create a gallery? I’m still fairly new to Flickr, but still, these seem like fairly standard actions that should not be too complicated to figure out. I am excited about learning more about Flickr and also about the Flickr/Second Life connection. This is all for now on this topic, but there may be more in the future. Keep on posting those photographs, I know I will.

Photograph by Kate Bergdorf

8 thoughts on “Additional Thoughts on Flickr

  1. To include the icon of a Flickr user when replying to their comments, just click on the arrow icon that shows up when you move your mouse over the comment itself 🙂

  2. Those are all wonderful questions that I’m wondering about as well; thank you to Shine for the explanation about personalized responding!

    My big heartache with Flickr is that there isn’t a way to aggregate the group pools for all of the groups you’re subscribe to. Yet if you go to You > People, you get a nice feed of the 5 most recent photos that everyone you follow has uploaded to Flickr. Why not have the same for group pools? I asked in the Help Forum but it seems to be a moot point; perhaps an issue with permissions or similar? Would just be lovely to have that option rather than needing to visit each group page individually.

  3. I just read your both posts about your Thoughts on flickr. For me it has been just like it happened to you. I opened the account years ago then as I took a hiatus on SL so it happened on flickr. Recently started to use it again trying to upload what I think it’s a good quality picture and tells a story on it. From my point of view there is the value of a picture either from the physical or the virtual world, that when you look it immerses you on it.
    Also dealing on learning the best way to use it and improve my technique, so hope if I find something useful be able to share it with you. Sometimes its inspiring to see others work sometimes it is frustrating not getting what you had in mind, still one keeps to find the best photographic frame 😉
    (btw It called my attention that a couple of my pictures suddenly got more than 200 views, then I noticed they were uploaded from a SIM where it’s name uses the word “sex” so if one looks for exposure of it´s pictures better use that as a tag lol) :p

  4. Hi, Jonas, nice to hear from you! 🙂

    I am also learning about photography and I am inspired to improve my own work just by looking at other peoples’ Flickr photos. There are some incredible photographs on Flickr. That is also why we started the Flickr group “A Lasting Impression,” to highlight some of the most impressive Flickr creative efforts. It has proven really hard to chose the photographs for the group and we have at this point narrowed it down to a few criteria; integration of Second Life, personal style, appropriate use of software. We keep adding criteria, but it is still hard to chose. Btw, funny about the sudden increase in picture views because of the sex sim lol. :))

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