Eyerotica at dathuil

Snapshot_001The exhibit Eyerotica by Ashratum at dathuil Gallery of Art is open until the end of May. I headed over today, curious, didn’t want to miss it.  This is without doubt one of the most elegant galleries with one of the coolest exhibits in Second Life right now.  The erotic photographs by Ash are stunning; sometimes playful, sometimes beautiful and sometimes just raw. Strategically disbursed throughout the gallery space are cameras available for the visitors to use. When clicked, each camera provides a close-up erotic image, also by Ash, providing a right-in-your-face sort of erotic moment. Very clever and an important part of the general voyeurism-themed exhibit experience.


The gallery itself, housed in a 1930’s distillery, is outstanding. Built by Loz Hyde of Meshworx and owned and curated by Max Butoh, it stands in a class of its own. The building is large and perfectly suited as a gallery space. A large wall with floor to ceiling windows faces the water and provides light. A few items, a group of copper whiskey stills, desks and seating areas, are placed in such a way as not to interfere with the photographs of the exhibit. Great job putting together this space, my compliments. Head over and take a look at the gallery and the works by Ash before it closes by the end of this month. You will not want to miss it.


Top and bottom photographs by Kate Bergdorf
Middle photograph by Ashratum photographed by Kate Bergdorf

4 thoughts on “Eyerotica at dathuil

  1. Kate, I’m really enjoying your blog! You’re opening my eyes to many of the interesting art exhibits and installations in SL that I’d have never known existed. Would you happen to have an in-world groups to recommend that keep track of upcoming art-related events?

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