The Eternal Suspense

Snapshot_004Giovanna Cerise’s new work The Eternal Suspense opened today on LEA 21 and will remain open until June 30. This is a large, intricate and multilayered installation. With it Giovanna explores the contrasting thoughts of Apollo and Dionysus utilizing Nietzsche’s The Birth of Tragedy. In the information card available at the installation landing, she posits the question whether to make choices or find balance and notes that [t]his concept linked to the interpretation of art can be extended to our daily lives. The man is poised between two or more emotions, he is always in a delicate step, in a hazardous environment. Its location is never easy, he is a tightrope imprisoned in constant tension between his Dionysian side and the Apollonian one. One can fly around exploring this beautiful work or teleport to the various areas using the teleporter-spinners also available at the landing. Head over and take a look, you will be glad you did.


Photographs by Kate Bergdorf

2 thoughts on “The Eternal Suspense

  1. Oh wow. Definitely going to have to visit. I really love ideas of humanity’s internal conflicts. There’s always one foot in and one foot out for a mortal thing, some confused question about what is and what should be. Great pics, too!

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