Leka Makeover Complete

Tire SwingI spent much more time than anticipated giving Leka a makeover for the Spring/Summer seasons. While the sim pretty much looks the same and has not lost its overall atmosphere, I have also made some substantial changes. As already mentioned in my recent post New on Leka, two builds were removed and replaced by others and the beach was extended. The last few days, I also added a yellow flower field on one of the hills and attached to a tree there the familiar and lovely tire-swing from [we’re CLOSED]. I changed the space Rain completely and it ended up being a promenade of sorts. Finally, while I adore the Dirt Road by HPMD, I am also seeing it on many, many other sims and felt I needed a change on Leka; I replaced parts of the road with the Dirt Road by TUFF. Soo glad to be done, but also truly enjoyed putting it all together. Come take a look!

BeachPhotographs by Kate Bergdorf

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