Pimper Puppets

Snapshot_005 d-oo-b, aka Eifachfilm Vacirca (or Eif), has a brilliant new theater project, or A Bubble Theatre Play, called Pimper Puppets (Being Beautiful in the Art Scene) at LEA9 that opened on April 16, 2015. Upon arrival, one finds oneself in front of several chairs and is encouraged to take a seat to watch the play. The 20-minute-long show is constantly on and re-starts every five minutes. Puppets, created by d-oo-b and available on the Second Life Marketplace, interact in a hilarious play that is poking fun at the world of artists and curators. I caught myself smiling a lot throughout.

Snapshot_010There are a few things that make this work so unique I think. The concept of having a puppet theatre play out as a drama on a virtual stage is just great in itself. Sitting in my chair (that constantly shifts positions, by the way), I felt both like a participant and an observer. Also, the craftsmanship that went into creating the remarkably alive-seeming puppets and the quality of the intricate scripting work here are impressive; there is a great sense of flow. Finally, the theme of the show itself, the making fun of art exhibiting, maybe even Second Life art exhibiting, is so right on the mark and I can’t believe nobody has ever thought of it before. I thoroughly enjoyed this work and will return.

Photographs by Kate Bergdorf

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