xin_004There is this place called xin. that keeps popping up in photographs on Flickr lately. Intrigued, I decided to head over today and take a look.  This place consists of an interesting mix of styles of architecture ranging from  New York City brownstone townhouses to what seems to be perhaps 1970s apartment high-rise dwellings. Shabby cars, US postal mail boxes, all kinds of trees, seating areas, a run down amusement part and a collapsed high way adorne other parts of the sim. There are piles of swirling windblown leaves and papers on the ground. It feels like there is a lot going on here. I like this place, mostly I think because of the way it is put together. It just feels different.

Photograph by Kate Bergdorf

2 thoughts on “xin.

  1. One of these days yer gonna get me to pack up and go on a trip and then all heck is gonna break loose in SL. Cao’s in Zen outfits yelling “let’s Partay” is frowned on at places like this I hear. 😉

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