Oneirataxia by Tutsy Navarathna

The new machinima Oneirataxia by award winning Second Life© machinima maker Tutsy Navarathna is released today. Set in Second Life locations like Haveit Neox’s City Inside Out, Cica Ghost’s Balloons and The Outer Garden, this movie taps into the overlapping experiences of dream and reality. It is one of Tutsy’s darker works, beautifully shot with captivating imagery pulling the viewer into a world of fantasy and dreams; he notes that Oneirataxia is the inability to differentiate between dream and reality. In the virtual, just as in the dream, the unconscious takes us into a surreal world, blending art, poetry, sex and violence. Inspired by the myth of Orpheus in the film by Jean Cocteau. Take a look and be prepared for a journey into the depths of the psyche.

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