Line by Giovanna Cerise

A new and permanent exhibit, Line, by Giovanna Cerise, opens on OTIUM on Wednesday, April 1, 2015 at 1PM SLT. Placed on various locations throughout the relaxing retreat by Frank Markstein, it is a very playful exhibit showing work never before seen by Giovanna. The main part of the exhibit begins in a gallery in the little town and from there one can either walk or teleport to other art destinations in the area, including to the beach. Most of the parts of this installation are made of black stringlike material shaped into various objects that then in turn form larger clusters. The black string reminds me a little of the black netlike parts of Giovanna’s recent LEA installation Speculum. The rustic setting of the retreat works well with the black strings; the contrast highlights the delicate and expressive quality of this work. A notecard with the artist’s statement as well as teleports to the various locations is available at the landing. Hope you will enjoy as much as I did!



Photographs by Kate Bergdorf

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