Revisting p:Arte Gallery

Snapshot_005One of my all time favorite photographers in Second Life© is Paola Tauber. I haven’t seen much of her work lately and was pleasantly surprised when I headed over to her gallery, p:Arte, which is still up and running as part of the East River Community.  There are no new photographs in the gallery, but the old ones that I am already familiar with have very much stood the test of time. Paola’s work still feels as fresh and intriguing today as it did several years ago. Most of her work is in black and white, some of it in muted colors and others with splashes of red.  Paula depicts in her work most often female figures, but also landscapes and architecture. I was so happy to revisit her beautiful work. Head over and take a look!



Photographs of Paula Tauber’s work by Kate Bergdorf

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