Lobby Cam by Bryn Oh


There is always a certain excitement surrounding openings in Second Life© by Bryn Oh. Her most recent exhibit, Lobby Cam, which opened today on Immersiva, is no exception. A steady stream of people teleported into the landing point, located in a quietly elegant gallery displaying Bryn Oh real life oil paintings. Wandering through the gallery one eventually stands in front of a wall. When moving towards it the wall disintegrates and falls into pieces, providing a link, or perhaps a separation, from the inside austerity of the contained exhibit space into the outside vast open space. The visitor now stands in a large wheat field, wind blowing through it and causing waves like in an ocean. There is a hud to be had for this installation, which needs be used for an optimal experience (it is available at the landing point). The suggested sky setting is Lobby Camera (Immersiva) and already set. There is a story here, which involves a diary and also a tracking down of notes that are distributed all over the exhibit space. Some of them are hidden in unexpected places and it may take a while to find them; all of them need to be collected in order to get the full story. People were running around asking each other for advise on how to find missing notes, it was fun to see. Head on over to the Lobby Cam and experience this wonderfully immersive installation for yourselves and be prepared to put in some detective work.

Photograph by Kate Bergdorf

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