Lelutka Mesh Head Ever

Just one more thing before I call it a night. I am reblogging here the breathtakingly beautiful Lelutka mesh head Ever from the Mischievoussred blog. Photographs of the three new Lelutka mesh heads have been popping up all over Flickr and on blogs the past days; the release day for the heads is April 1, 2015. The mesh heads and the mesh bodies, I like especially the one by Maitreya, are incredible. While I have been thinking a while about switching to mesh, I am honestly also slightly tortured by the notion of taking this leap. I worry and I have many questions! How user-friendly are the new bodies and heads? If I just change my body to a mesh body, how will my regular head look on it? Will I have to get rid of my ENTIRE existing wardrobe because I can only use clothing especially created for the new mesh body? I could go on and on. I obviously have to give this some more thought, but, part of me is also itching to just make the move already. No doubt, the mesh bodies and heads are here to stay. It is just a matter of when to make the switch.


Lelutka Mesh Head Ever

Lelutka Mesh Head Ever
LeLutka Rogue Bun
*LODE* Head Accessory – Peony Crown [white] RARE

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2 thoughts on “Lelutka Mesh Head Ever

  1. I love a mesh body, hands and feet and wear them MOST of the time. The exception, of course, when I am wearing old school clothes with no appliers. I am sure you know what an applier is, it’s similar to wearing clothes by putting on a tattoo layer only the tattoo applies itself to the mesh body. The other instance when I remove it is outfits with complicated mesh. You know the ones, think criss cross strapped shirts. If they are made in such a way that you can’t put it on in a size that just ‘lies’ on top of your body like in real life, you have to use the alphas included with the outfit sans- mesh body. I tried the prior mesh head and it wasn’t for me because my brand is people can see my face and say “oh that’s Cao” without seeing my name tag. But I read somewhere this new mesh head responds to the default shape sliders (like the body now does) so due to this I am definitely at least going to grab a demo and check it out. You should at least give it a try, bc think about it, if you have any questions, like the free demo, you can alway ring up a Cao for free too! Have a great Sunday Kate!

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