Three Installations


There are so many great art installations in Second Life© at the moment it is really hard to keep up. I will share with you here my impressions on three of them. Many blog posts have already been written about these works and I understand why. All are by well-known talented artists who reliably produce great work and these installations are no exceptions. Please see below for my thoughts on the new installations by Rebeca Bashly, Romy Nayar and Cica Ghost.


Rebeca Bashly’s installation, When Life Gives You Apples…Run, is sponsored by the Linden Endowment for the Arts on LEA 6. With this work Rebeca addresses women and violence, specifically pertaining to issues surrounding domestic violence and eating disorders. Be forewarned, the entire installation, with its poignant symbolism, stirs one up quite a bit. No Place Like Home (see top image) is particularly powerful reflecting domestic violence. This surrealist inspired piece consists of a heart beating so hard that it tears apart a house. The work is best described with an excerpt from Rebeca’s own note card that can be found next to it; thru the deafening noise of my heart beats i heard cracking of the walls of the house… windows and doors blowing away… and whole house was shred into pieces in one heart beat… it was the most beautiful thing i have never seen. Other parts of the installation, like Doll House (second image from top), depict the eating disorders Anorexia Nervosa and Bulimia. The parts that come together here to form the whole of this installation are beautifully crafted, touching upon the poetic. The work in its entirety is nothing short of astounding. Bravo. The installation will be open until the end of April 2015.


My second stop is Sparkys by Romy Nayar, which recently opened on MetaLES and will be open to the public for two months. This is whimsical at its finest! Little platforms on stilts, a woman walking a dog, other figures, small huts, a carousel, balloons and lots of movement all around. But all is grey…until one discovers several small containers with paint, which can be purchased for free and used to color. When I was there, twice today, I didn’t try to color, but it could be that one can actually paint the grey in colors right there and then. Head over and find out! This installation is very much reflective of Romy’s style; playful and meaningful. Her objects are so finely crafted, delicate and with a lot of expression. A wonderful installation, as always.


My last stop for today is Ruins by Cica Ghost. I’ve seen so many photographs on Flickr of this place and lots of different and intriguing interpretations. It made me want to head over and take a look in person! Because more than anything else I think what Cica consistently provides us with her installations is an atmosphere. I experienced a sense of doom; decay, ruins, hovering crows and dead-seeming trees. Yet, in the midst of all this there were colorful flowers forcing themselves throughout the dried-up ground, providing a sense of hope perhaps.  A beautiful and melancholy place.

Photographs by Kate Bergdorf

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