Line by Giovanna Cerise

A new and permanent exhibit, Line, by Giovanna Cerise, opens on OTIUM on Wednesday, April 1, 2015 at 1PM SLT. Placed on various locations throughout the relaxing retreat by Frank Markstein, it is a very playful exhibit showing work never before seen by Giovanna. The main part of the exhibit begins in a gallery in the little town and from there one can either walk or teleport to other art destinations in the area, including to the beach. Most of the parts of this installation are made of black stringlike material shaped into various objects that then in turn form larger clusters. The black string reminds me a little of the black netlike parts of Giovanna’s recent LEA installation Speculum. The rustic setting of the retreat works well with the black strings; the contrast highlights the delicate and expressive quality of this work. A notecard with the artist’s statement as well as teleports to the various locations is available at the landing. Hope you will enjoy as much as I did!



Photographs by Kate Bergdorf

Lobby Cam by Bryn Oh


There is always a certain excitement surrounding openings in Second Life© by Bryn Oh. Her most recent exhibit, Lobby Cam, which opened today on Immersiva, is no exception. A steady stream of people teleported into the landing point, located in a quietly elegant gallery displaying Bryn Oh real life oil paintings. Wandering through the gallery one eventually stands in front of a wall. When moving towards it the wall disintegrates and falls into pieces, providing a link, or perhaps a separation, from the inside austerity of the contained exhibit space into the outside vast open space. The visitor now stands in a large wheat field, wind blowing through it and causing waves like in an ocean. There is a hud to be had for this installation, which needs be used for an optimal experience (it is available at the landing point). The suggested sky setting is Lobby Camera (Immersiva) and already set. There is a story here, which involves a diary and also a tracking down of notes that are distributed all over the exhibit space. Some of them are hidden in unexpected places and it may take a while to find them; all of them need to be collected in order to get the full story. People were running around asking each other for advise on how to find missing notes, it was fun to see. Head on over to the Lobby Cam and experience this wonderfully immersive installation for yourselves and be prepared to put in some detective work.

Photograph by Kate Bergdorf

Lelutka Mesh Head Ever

Just one more thing before I call it a night. I am reblogging here the breathtakingly beautiful Lelutka mesh head Ever from the Mischievoussred blog. Photographs of the three new Lelutka mesh heads have been popping up all over Flickr and on blogs the past days; the release day for the heads is April 1, 2015. The mesh heads and the mesh bodies, I like especially the one by Maitreya, are incredible. While I have been thinking a while about switching to mesh, I am honestly also slightly tortured by the notion of taking this leap. I worry and I have many questions! How user-friendly are the new bodies and heads? If I just change my body to a mesh body, how will my regular head look on it? Will I have to get rid of my ENTIRE existing wardrobe because I can only use clothing especially created for the new mesh body? I could go on and on. I obviously have to give this some more thought, but, part of me is also itching to just make the move already. No doubt, the mesh bodies and heads are here to stay. It is just a matter of when to make the switch.


Lelutka Mesh Head Ever

Lelutka Mesh Head Ever
LeLutka Rogue Bun
*LODE* Head Accessory – Peony Crown [white] RARE

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Revisting p:Arte Gallery

Snapshot_005One of my all time favorite photographers in Second Life© is Paola Tauber. I haven’t seen much of her work lately and was pleasantly surprised when I headed over to her gallery, p:Arte, which is still up and running as part of the East River Community.  There are no new photographs in the gallery, but the old ones that I am already familiar with have very much stood the test of time. Paola’s work still feels as fresh and intriguing today as it did several years ago. Most of her work is in black and white, some of it in muted colors and others with splashes of red.  Paula depicts in her work most often female figures, but also landscapes and architecture. I was so happy to revisit her beautiful work. Head over and take a look!



Photographs of Paula Tauber’s work by Kate Bergdorf

City Inside Out


Haveit Neox did it again. We snuck in and took a look at his City Inside Out at LEA 20, which I believe opens Thursday next week, and were completely overcome by this majestic work. The layers and the details of the installation are brilliant. Wood, stone, string, net and other textures are combined in a way that has not been seen in Second Life© before. Both the craft and the thought behind this important work are intelligent and poetic. Haveit notes about the exhibit layout itself that  [b]uilt on three levels, the eroding exteriors infuse themselves into the air space of the sky, onto the land of the perpetual traffic, and below the land, completing the dominance of the harsh realities into every possible corner. The unbelievable stories to be told are hung out to dry in the wind.




The exhibit explores with great symbolism and metaphors homelessness and the resulting lack of privacy and sense of home. Haveit notes about his City Inside Out work that [t]o someone without a home living on the streets, the bustling city becomes one united exterior. “City Inside Out” explores a world that lacks interiors. Small coins fall into the beggars’ hats, large insults to their faces. Joggers, dog walkers, groups of boisterous friends, clean people in new clothes, romantic couples, cell phone conversations, shiny traffic, wash their daily ties of heath and prosperity past the homeless. Late each night, other crowds emerge, dangerous as the sharp knife and gun, prickly as lice and poisonous insect infested clothing, blurry as sight without glasses, ringing ears without imaginary voices, and resignation to untreated illness. The survival test is administered without consideration for those who will see the next day.  As with most of Haveit’s work one needs much time to fully appreciate it. There are layers of meaning infused into each detail of this build and I think it best explored flying around or walking otherwise parts may be missed. What I also really like about the installation is the background; not only does it envelop the work itself beautifully and provides a backdrop, it also cleverly prevents views of the other neighboring LEA art sims that usually interfere with ones overall LEA art sim viewing experience. Last, but not least, I am happy to report that I am planning to open an outside installation space as part of Berg by Nordan Art and that Haveit has agreed to show a new installation there in the future. Please be on the lookout for announcements.


Photographs by Kate Bergdorf

The Willow Dress



★ Dress: Willow (Taupe) by Enfant Terrible for Shiny Shabby
★ Feet: Barefoot (Arched) by Gos
★ Hair: Bohemienne (Browns) by Tableau Vivant for Shiny Shabby
★ Skin: Emma (*peche*) by Essences
★ Freckles: Chocolate Splits by DeeTaleZ
★ Eyes: Look Eyes (Emerald) by Amacci
★ Tattoo: Rainbow Facial by :Little Pricks:
★ Pose: Wishful Thinking by Del May
★ Location: Leka

Photograph by Kate Bergdorf

The Outer Garden



★ Dress: Brandy (Sky) by Glam Affair for Kustom9
★ Shoes: Favorite Leather Flats (Black) by Mon Tissu
★ Hair: Chie (Citrine) by D!va for Collabor88
★ Skin: Emma (*peche*) by Essences
★ Freckles: Freckles (Chocolate Splits) by DeeTaleZ at Chapter Four
★ Eyes: Look Eyes (Emerald) by Amacci
★ Pose: Moody Two by oOo Studio for Fifty Linden Fridays
★ Location: The Outer Garden

Photograph by Kate Bergdorf