Putting together a sim from scratch is a bit like writing a paper. One starts with an outline, writes a draft and then edits. I have about one week left to work on Leka until my deadline of March 1 and I just finished my first draft. I am pleased to be done and also happy about now being able to  just spend some time tweaking, which I actually enjoy doing the most. In terms of my initial roadblock regarding many sims in Second Life© looking similar because the creators use products from the same content creators, I think I am over it. You will find on the sim objects like trees from Happy Mood and Alex Bader and builds by Van Auster simply because they are gorgeous and my first choice.  And even though Leka probably will in some ways look like many other sims, I hope that people will experience it as something different as well. Phew, I am really glad to be done with the bulk of this and can now focus my attention on friends, the gallery, blogging and photography again! 

Photograph by Kate Bergdorf

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