Some Works by Haveit Neox






Presently there are several places in Second Life© to view the stirringly beautiful works of Haveit Neox. I first wandered around on the sim Port of Sparquerry and found myself caught up in a whirlwind of art and builds. The sim feels like it is moving you along by itself somehow and it is really hard to stand still. I experienced each work as its own story or perhaps a fantasy. I only spent a short while as I had to log off. But there is really no way one can just briefly linger through this very dreamy place, one needs to spend much time to explore all the nooks and little hideouts. I will return.


My second Haveit Neox stop today was at the Centaurs’ Hall on the sim Verdigris. This is the newest work by Haveit, integrated into the already existing Hungarian village built by Oriolus Oliva. The works of these two builders compliment each other it seems magically. I remember a few years ago, seeing some of the work by the talented Mr. Neox at UWA. At that time, I was both curious and impressed by his creations. Today, honestly, I feel completely blown away by his work. Both the attention to detail and the overall magnitude of his works are inspiring. I hope we will see much more of Haveit’s art in Second Life in the future. For more information about the work of Haveit Neox, please check out his blog ACC Alpha.

Photographs of Haveit Neox’s work by Kate Bergdorf

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