Some Beautiful Places


There are many beautiful places in Second Life©, but I find myself revisiting only a handful. The creators of these places have somehow found a way to integrate objects into the environment in such a manner that it touches the visitor in a lasting way. I am only listing three of the places here that I really like, of course, there are more. Most of you will be familiar with these places as well and I think you probably keep revisiting them too. The first place that has been in the favorite places folder in my inventory since it appeared on grid is Roche. This is a place that has a rural landscape theme and where some of the objects are by the creator of the place ddsm2 Mathy himself and others by various other Second Life content creators. It is a location where things really come together; ground textures, landscaping, buildings, objects, animals, water, suggested windlight and music. When visiting Roche I feel I am in place where time has stood still.


The second place that is love visiting is Innsmouth, a place that has also been in my favorites folder as long as I can remember. This sim has an obvious theme, and I quote from the notecard that can be had at the landing, Innsmouth is a sim designed to resemble an early 1900s “New England fishing village gone to hell.” Patterned after the fictitious town created by horror and weird fiction author HP Lovecraft, the sim is true to the feel, and has features around its edges the reflect HP Lovecraft’s other related story writings. While the sim and most of the objects on it are created by Darmin and BaileyMarie, I also founds some objects by other content creators. Visiting this sim makes me want to explore and take photos, it is a tremendously inspirational location.


Finally, the last location that I find incredibly well done is the sim Basilique Town created by Canary Beck and Harvey Crabsticks. I have only visited a handful of times, but follow the events at this place described in Becky’s blog regularly. On this sim, the stunning work by Van Auster has been perfectly integrated into an incredibly elegant whole, the theme being a small island village on a Northern Italian lake. The objects here are mostly by Van Auster, but there are things by other creators as well. The sim is the home to the successful performing arts work Paradise Lost and also offers weekly music events at Bar Moderna, weekly chat salons, a bathhouse and more. Visiting this place I simply wander around in awe taking in the gorgeous surroundings!

Photographs by Kate Bergdorf

3 thoughts on “Some Beautiful Places

  1. I’m honoured that you’d consider Basilique among your favourite places. I hope too, that we can spend some time together there some day, and I’d love to invite you over to my house as well some day which is located on the corner of the region. I have walls and walls of art that I love sharing with people 🙂

  2. My pleasure, Becky! The Van Auster builds are so beautiful by themselves, to see them put together the way you did it on Basilique is simply breathtaking. The whole place is stunning, really. Would love to hang out sometime, thanks for the invite! 🙂

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