A Change of Scenery


I will temporarily be closing  Winter on Nordan om Jorden starting February 1, 2015. The sim will not be accessible to the public for a month as I work on transforming it from a winter landscape into something else. I have a few ideas and I can’t wait to get started. So come on over and visit Winter if you haven’t already, the snow will be gone in a week! Thank you to those of you who visited the past months. If you take photos, please join the Nordan om Jorden Flickr group and post them there. I would love to see your impressions. The Berg by Nordan Art gallery will of course remain open as usual during the sim transformation process.


Photographs by Kate Bergdorf

2 thoughts on “A Change of Scenery

  1. I just changed my tiny little pad of home from winter to spring. As a native Floridian who has never seen snow in real life, I find the white to be so cold and blinding. Your SIM is quite beautiful in these pictures, I love the frosty quality to the air. 🙂 Have a wonderful weekend!

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