Come Play

I’m reblogging this post from Whiskey Monday’s blog.  I think this a wonderful idea and a great concept, involving others in the creating of her LEA 10 artwork. More than anything else, this has now become a collaborative art experience in which we can all take part. I will head over some time soon and take a photo for sure, you should too!

Whiskey Shots

cages-set                                                     Current work in progress at LEA10.

While my project isn’t yet officially open, I’ll be at work all day today so I’m leaving up the set I was working on at LEA10. If you’d like to come play or take photos, please do! I’ve got auto-return set to 15 minutes. SLURL to LEA10.

If you do post any photos that you take, please add them to the Nothing Endures But Change group, and I’d appreciate it if you credited the sim or project when you post photos taken on the sim.

I'm gonna need a bigger sim.                                                              …

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