Merry Christmas


Merry Christmas, everyone! Thank you to new and old readers alike for your continued interest in my blogs; more than anything else it is your reading my posts that makes blogging worth while. Of note, I also recently reactivated an oldish Flickr account and I have enjoyed tremendously taking photographs, posting them and connecting with all you awesome people in the Flickr community. So thank you for the likes and comments and thanks also for the inspiring photographs you all share. I spent this Christmas Eve morning hanging out with my dear friend Igor and I wouldn’t would have wanted to spend this morning any other way. He took a great Christmas photograph of us for this post and also a lovely new photograph for my profile. Thank you, Igor, you are one of the sweetest men I know (and, yes, I know I am totally cramping his style when I say that)! Now I’m off to wrap a few last gifts and will then settle in for the holidays! ♥ 

Photograph by Igor Ballyhoo

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