Blue Hour


I took some new photographs that I added to the exhibit space Berg by Nordan Art today. The seven photographs were inspired by the evening hour. I have toyed with the thought of taking nude photographs for a while, but never really felt ready. So tonight, listening to Miles Davis, loaded with Del May Poses, the [TOR] Dusk-Blue Hour windlight and a naked avatar, I was finally inspired and got to work. While the resulting photographs lack shadows and have not been worked on in PS, I still find them dark and somehow appealing. Hope you like them too. The Blue Hour exhibit will be up until April 2015 when Piedra Lubitsch will show her work, followed by Harbor Galaxy from July to September 2015.

Addendum: I am happy to report that Tutsy Navarathna has agreed to show his work at Berg by Nordan Art until the end of March 2015. My Blue Hour exhibit has relocated to the Chelsea Hotel Gallery.

Photograph by Kate Bergdorf

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