Introducing Floodwood Drive

Floodwood Office_009

I am happy to report that effective immediately I will be offering six rental spaces on Floodwood Drive located on the sim Nordan om Jorden. Each little lot is completely private and contains an unfurnished Floodwood skybox designed by Van Auster of POST. Rental prices range from L$622 to L$1342 per week and prim count ranges from 249 to 537 prims per lot (skybox is included). Please contact me directly if you are interested to rent or simply want to check out one of the spaces to see if you like it, either inworld via IM or notecard or via email at I usually respond within 24 hours.

ADDENDUM: I closed the Floodwood Drive rental business on 12/26/14. It is just too much work in terms of promoting and maintaining and I have more use for the prims elsewhere. Maybe another time! 🙂

Photograph by Kate Bergdorf

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