Winter on Nordan om Jorden

nordan_002I am done with one of my biggest projects, Winter on Nordan om Jorden, and I am opening this landscape for everyone to visit. Well, I am almost done. It seems like there is always something to add or remove or something to shift around, but I think I have to let it be finished for now. Something like this is probably never really done.


I have been working on the winter landscape for a while and I have really enjoyed doing it, partially because of the wide variety of buildings, landscape and decorating items that are now available in Second Life©. Thank you kindly to Second Life content creators for the beautiful work you do, you truly are inspirational. Please see below for a list of artists and design companies who’s work I used when putting together Winter on Nordan om Jorden.

★ Animals: aQ creating lifestyles, Jubjubs Stuff, Just Animals, Sculpty Creations Animals, The Silversides Lighthouse Store
★ Animation: Bits and Bobs Animations, Warm Animations
★ Artists: Bryn Oh, Piedra Lubitsch
★ Buildings: L2 Studio, POST
★ Decorations: aa build & design, Apple Fall, DECO, EDDESIGN, iTuTu, LISP, PILOT, Scarlet Creative, The Loft, [we’re CLOSED], [what next]
★ Landscaping: *alirium*, ArchiTech Landscaping, Big Cake, FANATIK, HPMD,KIDD Creation, Studio Skye, Tree house designs by Tobias Novi
★ Machines: Arcadia Asylum, Passout


Photographs by Kate Bergdorf

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