abiss_009For the past years I’ve been, yes, I will admit, quite obsessed with the work of Van Auster (POST) and Charlotte Bartlett (Scarlet Creative). My interior and exterior design inventory folders are filled with work of these two designers. There is, of course, work by other talented designers as well (there are so many in Second Life©, these days), but items by POST and Scarlet Creative dominate my inventory for sure. But, for whatever reason, yesterday I decided I needed a change and headed over to Abiss for inspiration. I checked out a few skyboxes and it didn’t really take me long to completely fall in love with one named Minime IV. And then I got the Opera bed, and a few other things too. My home is sleek with clean lines, minimal and very modern. I am in a state of awe.


Oggy Bonetto and Frasha Boa are the creators and owners of Abiss. Their design products (buildings, furniture and decoration) are expensive compared to similar items in Second Life, but the quality is impeccable and nothing short of outstanding. If you haven’t already, head over to the store and take a look and be prepared to be dazed and amazed!

Photographs by Kate Bergdorf

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