More on Winter on Nordan om Jorden

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End of the road_002

End of the road_004

I’ve added more areas to Winter on Nordan om Jorden. One area consists of a large space with birches that envelop an old car that stands at the end of a road. The other is a coastal place with a lovely small house. This is the first time I am creating a landscape like this and I realized recently that it will probably continue changing, at least for a while. As I add things other things are taken away. Much of this is a process of creating a unique atmosphere with limited means, meaning there is a natural restriction to prim use that creates a little bit of a challenge! I’m sure those of you who do this kind of thing can relate. Something that also occurred to me is that most winter landscapes in Second Life© look very much alike since most landscape-designers are using items from the same designers. So another challenge with places like this is to find one’s very own individual way to make it look different from other landscapes. Anyway, just some thoughts as I am plugging along with my landscape designing. When you visit, and if you take photos, please join the Nordan om Jorden Flickr group, I would love to see your interpretations of the landscape!

Photographs by Kate Bergdorf

The Arcade December 2014


The Arcade event started in Second Life© in September 2012, founded by Octagons Yazimoto, Katharine McGinnis, Emery Milneaux and Umberto Giano. Since then, each March, June and September and December, one hundred carefully selected designers offer their work sold at random from Gacha machines. This well-organized event has become so popular partially because of the high quality products, but also just because of the sheer fun of it. Right now, there is a lot of  anticipatory excitement going on waiting for the opening of The Arcade December 2014 round and bloggers are posting sneak peaks of designers’ work daily! Really looking forward to some of the beautiful things offered at this round, but also preparing to wait to get in as the place is usually packed for at last a week after opening.

The Bare Face Challenge

bareface_002A Flickr challenge started by Genkai Tesla about two weeks ago called Bare Face Challenge has become immensely popular in Second Life©. Basically, join the Bare Face Challenge Flickr group and post a photograph of yourself without any makeup what so ever; no eyelashes, no eye makeup, no lipstick, no nothing. Also, no manipulating in PS or Gimp, the photo should be raw. I had fun doing this, see my photo above. Credits: Skin-Essences (Emma), Hair-Rowne (Sonja), Blouse-Rowne (Paul Structured Blouse), Pants-Rowne (Chleo Leather), Shoes-[Gos] (Mae Platform), Armchair-Abiss (Alto)

Photograph by Kate Bergdorf


I thought I’d reblog the LTD announcement for the November/December 2014 Love to Decorate issue here. It is truly amazing to me how Second Life© design has improved so much for the better over the past two years. The LTD magazine team continues doing an incredible job selecting and presenting beautiful items to those of us who love design. Thank you LTD.

Love To Decorate

LTD NovDec 2014 Cover


Sit back, relax and enjoy our NOVEMBER/DECEMBER 2014 ISSUE of LTD MAGAZINE.

This issue is full of amazing design inspirations for your home and the upcoming holidays. We also feature SECOND SPACES, take a trip to the 1920’s with JO YARDLEY, visit one of Second Life’s most exclusive resorts and much more.


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Mysterious Wave Closing

Snapshot_001One of the most popular Second Life© art sims, Mysterious Wave, will be closing its doors for good this Sunday, November 23. A farewell party is planned for 12 PM SLT the same day. Cherry Manga and Anley Piers have regularly been showing large surrealist-inspired installations on Mysterious Wave. They have also been keeping a Mysterious Way shop where  most of their beautiful creations have been available for purchase. Both the installations space and the store will be greatly missed for sure. Head over and see the current exhibit, Faith, and make a stop at the shop too.

Photograph by Kate Bergdorf

Preview: Canary Beck at the Arts and Culture Community at Wanderstill Ode



I got a preview today of a new exhibit by Canary Beck at The Arts and Culture Community at Wanderstill Ode. Her works in this show are based on verses from the 1959 Jacques Brel song “Ne Me Quitte Pas” (“Don’t Leave Me”). The twenty photographs are beautifully delicate and quite moving. They are shown in an intimate space, highlighting the overall sensual theme of the exhibit. In her artist’s statement, Becky notes “[i]n this series of pictures called “Ne Me Quitte Pas”, I have aimed to express what I am only now able to express coherently in words. I’ve even lifted the titles for the pictures from the verses of Jacques Brel’s plaintive poetry set to music, feeling unable to write them myself.These very personal pictures are the result of two months of taking hundreds of similar pictures on my bare white platform – most of which I obliterated soon after I took them. I never planned to share them. As I’ve reviewed these works for showing; however, I see them now like heavy pages in an old diary; a shabby book that reflects a threadbare me, depleted by gravity and, I hope, now hardly recognizable. Things fall apart, but we reflect, re-examine and reconsider the necessary grieving process that we go though, which tends to accompany any significant loss or separation, and perhaps might feel a cathartic lightness in the sharing.” Becky’s works are stunning and I hope we will see more of her photographic work in the future. The exhibit is open from November 20, 2014 to January 10, 2015. Head over and take a look.

Photographs by Kate Bergdorf

Fall 2014: Girl Next Door

Snapshot_007I found a beautiful little girl-next-door outfit by Fishy Strawberry today at KUSTOM 9. You can buy the knitted long cardigan separate or together with the skirt and sweater outfit. Each come with various color options. It is really hard to find a coat that flows this nicely. This sweater cardigan is perfectly shaped and not too bulky. Love it!  Photo taken in front of a gorgeous daybed by Scarlet Creative on Nordan om Jorden.


★ Cardigan: Belted Maxi Cardigan by Fishy Strawberry
★ Skirt and Top: Winter Bliss Outfit by Fishy Strawberry
★ Boots: Knee Boots (Black) by COCO
★ Scarf: Fur Scarf (black) by Mimikri
★ Earrings: Merriweather Diamond Studs by Paper Couture
★ Skin: Emma (*peche*) by Essences
★ Hair: Lotte (Caramel) by Maitreya
★ Eyes: Look Eyes (Dark Green) by Amacci
★ Pose: Stoic by Del May

Photograph by Kate Bergdorf

Support Education for Girls in Sierra Leone

junebug_002Fellow blogger Strawberry Singh shared a post today about the admirable efforts of Juno Mantel (Junbug), who is raising funds to support education of girls in Sierra Leone. Head over to the Junbug store and purchase the vintage school girl dress that Juno specially created for this event (100% of sales are donated)  or donate funds on the website, Do It In a Dress Campaign, directly. This campaign ends on December 7.  You can also post photos of yourself in the dress in Do It In a Dress With Junbug Flickr Group. I took the photo above on Nordan om Jorden.


★ Dress: Vintage School Dress (cream) by Junbug
★ Skin: Emma (*peche*) by Essences
★ Hair: Dancing Horses (Light Brown) Exile
★ Eyes: Look Eyes (Dark Green) by Amacci
★ Pose: Waitress by (MARUKIN)

Photograph by Kate Bergdorf

Winter on Nordan om Jorden

nordan_002I am done with one of my biggest projects, Winter on Nordan om Jorden, and I am opening this landscape for everyone to visit. Well, I am almost done. It seems like there is always something to add or remove or something to shift around, but I think I have to let it be finished for now. Something like this is probably never really done.


I have been working on the winter landscape for a while and I have really enjoyed doing it, partially because of the wide variety of buildings, landscape and decorating items that are now available in Second Life©. Thank you kindly to Second Life content creators for the beautiful work you do, you truly are inspirational. Please see below for a list of artists and design companies who’s work I used when putting together Winter on Nordan om Jorden.

★ Animals: aQ creating lifestyles, Jubjubs Stuff, Just Animals, Sculpty Creations Animals, The Silversides Lighthouse Store
★ Animation: Bits and Bobs Animations, Warm Animations
★ Artists: Bryn Oh, Piedra Lubitsch
★ Buildings: L2 Studio, POST
★ Decorations: aa build & design, Apple Fall, DECO, EDDESIGN, iTuTu, LISP, PILOT, Scarlet Creative, The Loft, [we’re CLOSED], [what next]
★ Landscaping: *alirium*, ArchiTech Landscaping, Big Cake, FANATIK, HPMD,KIDD Creation, Studio Skye, Tree house designs by Tobias Novi
★ Machines: Arcadia Asylum, Passout


Photographs by Kate Bergdorf

Cirque de Seraphim


The circus themed fundraising event Cirque de Seraphim started today and will go on until November 26. This is a wonderful two-sim occurrence where 50% of proceeds go directly to ASPCA. The devotion and generosity of both organizers and designers of this event should be applauded. It is a great use of creativity in Second Life© to benefit animals in need. Head over to get some great stuff or find one of several ASPCA donation kiosks and donate directly, here are the slurls: Sim 1, Sim 2