Little Town

little town_004

Ever so often there is an event in Second Life© that draws a large crowd. It is usually hard to teleport into these things, one has to try a few times, but then, once one finally arrives, it quickly becomes evident that it was worth all of the effort and the wait. One such popular event right now is Little Town, by Cica Ghost, a sim installation that opened its doors to the public today. Upon arrival, I immediately noticed that there was a lot of hectic running around, trying of Dreaming Balloons, driving of Fishy Cars, and just general mischief going on. In other words, it was kind of magical the way it can only be in Second Life.

little town_001

little town_003

Cica Ghost has created remarkable sim installations like this one before, small fantasy towns and things made of drawings. This little town is also immediately recognizably as her work, though I got the sense here that she has matured quite a bit as an artist. Her builds are more intricate and the textures more refined. I am so impressed by her use of fantasy and the imaginary; Cica’s work it is very much something one could only really see in Second Life. Head over and take a look and be prepared to spend some time!

little town_005

Photographs by Kate Bergdorf

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